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    Dr. Joseph Magalski, Jr.

    Dr. Joseph Magalski sees your health, and the health of the entire community, as a team effort.

    "At Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Surgical Associates, we all work as a team to provide a remarkable patient experience," Dr. Magalski said. "I enjoy direct patient contact and want my patients to know that I am available, and get great satisfaction providing them with great care."

    But Dr. Magalski's work extends beyond his patients or even his office; he has served on the Prince William Hospital Board of Trustees since 2008. As part of that team, Dr. Magalski says he has gained a different perspective on patient care and healthcare for a community. "The Board is tasked with the job of providing healthcare services from a broader perspective," Dr. Magalski said. "It has to keep an entire community healthy, while still focusing on every individual patient."

    Dr. Magalski uses his daily patient interaction to guide his decisions so that healthcare can improve for everyone.

    Outside of work, Dr. Magalski's desire to meet individual needs is evident as well. "I enjoy cooking," Dr. Magalski said. "It's always interesting because my wife is a vegetarian, I am not and my daughter falls somewhere in between!"

    When he does take a break from serving others, you'll likely find Dr. Magalski on the golf course. He is an avid golfer, and looks for every opportunity to tee off with friends.