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    Colon and Rectal Procedures


    The colon is the part of your digestive system that runs between your small intestine and your rectum. A colonoscopy is a screening of your colon that can identify problems and allow for early treatment. If you are more than 50 years old and have not had a colonoscopy, it is recommended that you schedule one. Dr. Bartolozzi regularly performs colonoscopies. To schedule an appointment, please call our Manassas office at 703-257-9234 or our Woodbridge office at 703-730-4848.

    To learn more about the colonoscopy procedure, click here. 


    If polyps, cancer or other abnormalities are discovered during your colonoscopy, a colectomy might be recommended. A colectomy is removal of part of the colon. The remainder of the colon is then reconnected to complete your digestive system.

    If you have other questions concerning colon screenings or surgeries, please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices. 


    Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the perianal area. They can be very painful, especially if they become clotted. We can often treat them in the office, but sometimes they need to be treated in an operating room. Your surgeon will determine which location is best for your procedure. Please call one of our offices to learn more. 

    Anal Fissure

    Anal fissures are tears that occur at the anal opening. They can lead to pain and bleeding, and sometimes require a surgical procedure to cure. Your surgeon will discuss your options before scheduling any procedure. Please call either of our offices (Woodbridge: 703-730-4848, or Manassas: 703-257-9234) to set up a consultation appointment.

    Pilonidal Cyst

    A pilonidal cyst is one that forms near the tailbone. These often become apparent when they get infected. After any infection is treated, a surgical procedure can be done to eliminate the cyst. Please call one of our offices to learn more.

    We do not offer cosmetic procedures (reductions, implants, etc.).